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Improve the accuracy and response rates of your emails through customer support analytics


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Are your agents working on focused categories?

Are agents spending too much time in analyzing and categorizing emails?

Are your able to reduce email volumes through automated responses?


Are agents efficiently reading and accurately categorizing support emails?

Email Support

Its time to get more done. Its time to work on focused categories to improve agent efficiency and productivity.

Most of the agents spend a lot of time in reading the support email, categorizing them under specific sections and then drafting the appropriate response.

Email Support cuts through and automates the entire process of reading and categorizing the support emails by effectively using the keywords and some advanced algorithms. Structuring and automating the data would eliminate the time the agents would spend on reading and allocating emails.

Email Support Features


Email bots with autoreply to customers to solve queries


Shorter time to closure using STP (straight to process) feature


Manage agents and categories


Control over how many mails can be allocated to which agent under which category


Daily management of category-wise agent allocation


Real-time email categorization with duration specification of email allocation to agents


Control over handling of mail backlogs


Can be integrated with tools like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Talisma


Supported by advanced spell check algorithms so our engine does not miss out anything


Direct mailing to helpdesk agents in case of SME clients who do not have a ticketing system


Dashboard to identify

  • Key pain points of customers
  • First time resolutions
  • Category with maximum emails
  • Agent assessment
  • Longest mail chains
  • Average turnaround time

Email Support Benefits


30-40% automation of email responses and STP cases

25% increase in agent productivity


Focus and specialization in select categories


Automate standard request responses


Lower training time and cost

Reduce manpower overheads


Automated email allocation avoids human intervention and costs

Faster responses with high accuracy

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