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Are you listening to your customers on social media?


Are you responding to customers real-time on social channels?


How are you able to address the issue with right response on social channels?


Are you able to stop the issues on social channels from snowballing?

Social Media Support

Social Media is the platform one can find an unhappy customer sharing their experiences to the entire world. More than half of the consumers are heading to social media to ask questions, report their concerns or appreciations.

Social Media Support enables you to get an immediate alert when anyone talks about your brand either positively or negatively. Not just that, it combs for keywords, analyzes the phrases, determines the sentiment and recommend a right response. This means, a customer support agent or a bot can respond to the post in real-time and ensure that the issue doesn’t snowball into a brand crisis.

Social Media Support Features


Listen to your brand mentions anywhere on the social channels


Sends real-time alerts to the customer support teamsPre-defined scripts and responses through bots


Machine learning implementation to customize responses


Seamless integration with CRM or ticketing systems


Algorithms to understand natural language or slangs or sarcasm


Identify sentiments of the comments


Automatically imports responses from knowledge repository

Social Media Support Benefits


Protect your brand reputation by responding in real-time

Improve customer engagement brand loyalty by showing that you are listening


Improve the accuracy of responses through machine learning


Trend analysis and insights into product performance


Enhance your product features based on customer feedback

Reduce manpower overheads


Automated responses avoids human intervention and costs

Faster responses with high accuracy

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