The bot we refer to here is aimed at assisting customer care executives help their customers better. There are several places where customers interact with agents, be it attending call in the call centre or having a face to face interaction with executives or relationship managers at the different branches of the organization.


Most contemporary bots cater to the customers directly, however,this bot caters to the customer care agents handling the customers This is one area which has been untouched by the digital revolution and must be taken care of to digitally transform any organization. In the current scenario, there are huge inefficiencies in disseminating information to customers leading through standard methods leading to huge investments in training.



Bots Helping Agents
5 ways to improve customer service using chat bots

Some ways in which these bots can help you drive your digital strategy:

customer relationship

Use of chatbots enables companies to make initial customer contact and maintaining ongoing relationships easier while enhancing customer experience thereby driving customer loyalty.

Helping your customer care executives help your customers with an engaging self-service option allows you to optimize operations and provide quality experiences.

Helping customer care executives
Helping customer care executives

Personalized digital guidance can lead customers along the correct path avoiding confusion.




Having agents that are well-informed indicates your customers that you know your business and that you understand their needs.



Digital guidance
Automated suggestions

Automatic response suggestions save valuable time of customer support agents who are often faced with an overwhelming volume of repetitive queries.



Assistive bots for agents
Assistive bots for agents

1. Reduction in support volumes

2. Significant reduction in support costs

3. Increased agent productivity

4. Fast and efficient development of bots

5. Enhances overall customer experience

6. Improved customer loyalty

7. Greater customer satisfaction due to better and faster responses while at the same time

reducing resources and costs.

8. Provides easy access to knowledge anytime anywhere.