Modernized Indian banks have come a long way since its origin in the last decade of the 18th century. Fuelled by the IT revolution, introduction of computers in the Banking sector has allowed banks to be virtually present for their customers regardless of the geographical limitations. Having been exposed to the world’s markets, Indian banks were having a difficult time competing with the international banks in terms of customer service without the use of Information Technology.

The continuous change in technology has empowered (or rather spoilt) the Generation X and the millennials likewise for choices. This in turn has surged their expectations from their service providers. Among the multiple channels to get in touch with their favourite brands, more than 70% of the end users prefer online support.

Even today, in the banking sector, a lot of institutions are still making their customers take a token, wait for their turn, give banking details to the officer, fill up forms and then get a response to their queries. To curtail this issue, banks have started offering on call and online assistance using online banking services. The online banking system has no doubt shortened the distance between the customers and their banks. However, the tedious navigation, delayed response time and inaccurate resolutions prove that ease of access and time are still a crucial parameter that needs a lot of improvement.

Exponentia DataLabs acknowledges these pain points and recognizes the importance of technology in the customer support space and has helped in accelerating an exponential growth in terms of productivity, time management and cost efficiency with its AI based bots.

CINGULARITI, Exponentia’s omni channel AI based bot platform, has assisted market leaders in the banking sector in improving their customer support with regards to the query response time and enhancing the agent’s productivity by guiding them through optimized workflows.


The speech support bot allows your customer to speak with the bot and addresses issues and queries instead of pressing keypads for IVRs. Speech Support listens and takes the best immediate action based on the issue. These actions could be either a bot based response or transfer the call to a live agent. This means that customers get an immediate resolution with a zero-wait time on the phone.


Cingulariti’s Live Chat allows the admin to decide how many concurrent chats can be assigned to an agent depending on his skills/capability. Whereas, Chat Bot makes sure that your customers are attended to during OFF office hours.


By automating the segregation of emails and intent analysis, a time-consuming task if done manually, Cingulariti has reduced the agent’s time to read every incoming email and then assigning it to the concerned person. This allows the agent’s bandwidth to be utilized for other tasks, hence, improving agent productivity.


Alerts are triggered whenever someone is talking about your company/brand positively or negatively on various social media platforms. Cingulariti’s bot also analyses these queries based on keywords and recommends a right response.

Exponentia DataLabs provides intelligent products/platforms capable of automated cognitive decision making to improve productivity, quality and economics of the underlying business processes. Our artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning based platforms integrate into existing systems to provide a seamless experience to business users. The highly customizable and modular platforms have a short deployment cycle, provide tangible process KPI improvements right from the first month of deployment and have demonstrable high ROI across the existing clients.

We are headquartered in Mumbai, India and adding value to our customers across US, UK, Singapore and India.

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