Chat Support

Deliver a personalized experience and a real-time resolution through a bot

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Are you using chat-bots for customer support?


Are your chat-bots able to accurately respond to customer requests?


Are you gathering data from chat-bots for improved interactions?


Are you personalizing your customer interactions through chat-bots?

Chat Support

Over 70% of customers prefer to interact online or type in a question for troubleshooting or issue resolutions. Chat is not new to the customer support world. However, intelligent chat-bots who can deliver a personalized experience, with ability to learn new things immediately and with a real-time resolution – round the clock – are the future of customer service. Chat Support just does that. It helps you to respond to your customer issues anytime of the day with accurate resolutions. You can now have your customer support agents working on the most important issues and not spend their bandwidth with routine tasks. This way, you can significantly save the operational and people management costs while at the same time connect with customers right when they have issues.

Chat Support Features


Easy deployment with scalable architecture


Natural language understanding for multiple slangs


24X7 availability

White-labelled installation to highlight your brand

Chat Support Benefits


Increase your agent bandwidth with fewer phone calls, emails and tickets

Reduce your operational overheads and shift based working hours


No more menu choices and sequencing. Just ask the question


No more waiting time for customers on the phone


Lower training time and cost

Reduce manpower overheads


Machine learning for customized support

Faster responses with high accuracy

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