Speech Support

No more IVRs. Understand the customer issue with just the speech and resolve

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Are you still making your customers wait for the next available agent to take the call?


Are you still asking your customer to painstakingly key in the options?


Are your customers dropping out of the call as they did not find the right option?


Are you asking customers the same details all over again when the call?

Speech Support

No one likes IVR. Imagine your customer calls your support center and just states the problem instead of waiting for the next available agent or keying in the options. Speech Support listens and takes the best immediate action based on the issue – either transfer the call or a bot based response or to a self-service option. This means that customers get an immediate resolution with a zero-wait time on the phone.

Speech Support Features

Ability to understand phonetics and accents of US, UK and India


Accurate responses based on customer context and rich knowledge repository

Bot based responses for standard issues and troubleshooting


Quick assessment of customer issues through keyword and key phrase analysis

Speech CxSupport Benefits


Get the best available expert for your customers

Reduce overtime costs of your agents by predicting customer issues


Improve resolution rates by predicting the right issue


Improve the agent bandwidth by resolving standard issues


Reduce the calls agents shouldn’t be getting

Significantly improve your first call resolution rates


Drive consistency, quality and efficiency in all interactions

Faster responses with high accuracy

Get a demo and see how you can improve your customer support multi-fold

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